Friday, 15 October 2010

People are strange

I made this card for the Allsorts challenge blog, whose theme this week is inspired by a song. Brilliant I thought right up my street.....then it took me ages to settle for just one song, and then to convey that song in a card. For me it's about what a song, its lyrics or piece of music says to you, rather than just the title. See why it was so hard? Anyway I had almost given up when I found myself randomly singing People are strange by The Doors, and there it was. This song was also covered by Echo and the Bunnymen for the film Lost Boys, one of my Faves. The lyrics to this song really ring true to me, when your strange, no one remembers your name, People considered to be strange by society always seem a little lonely even though they're actually far from lonely or strange. They might just look a little different, although I have to say its getting better and more accepted. So this card was inspired by the lyrics, when your strange faces come out of the rain. I wanted the girl to look a little lonely and as if she was in the mist or rain. I used this stamp of a gorjuss girl and the trees I did free hand. The rain or mist is made from tracing paper which I scrunched up. I'm really pleased with it considering I made it twice as I wasn't happy with the first! Mmmm I may just have to watch Lost Boys this weekend... any excuse. lol Xxx

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Pink Squeaky frog

Hey guys, Just a quick one today to show you this card I made for the Cute Card Thursday challenge which was 'make your own' embellishment. So I made this quick little card with some let overs from my stash. The image is Pink petticoat and the flowers I made with some left over card and vellum and little pink diamonds which unfortunately don't show up too well on the pic. I wanted the flowers to be very contemporary, hence no petals, but i love them and think they look quite funky! See Ya later Xxx

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Dont be late

I made this for the Papertake weekly challenge, Choose your fave challenge from the past 3 years. So I went with Monochrome madness. I wanted to do an Alice in wonderland style card but didn't want to do a traditional card or Alice. So I thought this image from sugar nellie on a Save the date card was perfect. the clock paper I made myself by photocopying lots of clock pics and then coloured using pastels for a vintage feel. I'm really pleased with the result, and these, or a similar version of them may make a reappearance in the future for something I'm planning. But sshh that's a secret!!! XX

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

How Does your garden grow ? .................

Well Lucy's grows like this! This cake was for my friends daughter, who I'm told is a real girly girl and loves pink and thats all I had to go on. So this is what I came up with and I have to say I Sooo enjoyed making this cake, I just love it. I love the springy flowers and pink ladybirds and the way the green looks with the pinks. and the best thing?...... no stressin, no not once did I stress. Bring on more cakes like this, I like em. ;)

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Birthday Treats

I know, its a bit sad to make your own birthday cakes. But I couldn't resist! I was going to go the whole hog and make a proper birthday cake but Gary said that really was sad, so I settled for some fancy cupcakes instead. I feel much better about these than the last disasters, the butterflies stayed put and I actually managed to make some half decent roses which didn't look old fashioned or like big blobs. Then sods law my mom bought me a birthday cake and Jack got me a Hello Kitty cake, bless him. So now I've got cake coming out of my ears, It will be such hard work to eat it all ;) Xxx

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Rubbish Cupcakes!!!

Ok so I decided to blog them after all, and we all make mistakes!! These cupcakes are quite frankly rubbish. What went wrong?? Well firstly the icing was meant to be black but it just wasn't happening, then after spending loads of time hand painting the butterflies they wouldn't stay in shape and are still soft even now, must be because I mixed the sugar paste with fondant. Any way we learn from our mistakes and as I'm determined to do these cakes ( I've been dreaming about them for ages) next time I'll use fondant to cover the cakes, and colour the sugar paste by hand, a longer process but better results me thinks, and even though they look a bit crap they did taste good and jack loved them...bless him he's biased Xxx

Friday, 10 September 2010

This weeks secret crafter challenge is right up my street..Plain and simple is the theme, I love the less is more approach and hate to overcrowd my cards with things that may draw attention away from the focus piece. I've been camping for a few days with my husband Gary and our little boy Jack, and only got home last night, so wasn't planning on doing any crafting but they both went out shopping for my birthday leaving me with a few hours to myself..what luxury!!! So I whipped up this little card, using a stamp from rubber romance and some left over papers from my stash. I inked the edge of the card to give it a vintage feel and water coloured the image giving her some funky bright red hair for a little bit of rock n roll!! I did also have time to make some cupcakes this morning, however they didn't turn out as I wanted and are a bit rubbish so I'm still debating whether to blog them...we'll see Xxx

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Christmas come early

I made a few cards with these stamps from pink petticoat last Christmas and loved them, so as I had a few images left over I thought I get a head start and combine it with this weeks secret crafter challenge. Even though I've made this card so early you can guarantee that I'll still be there a few days before Christmas frantically making last minute cards. I have got some ideas for mini cakes to give away as presents though and will be making a start on those in the next few weeks. And today I've had a bit of a card mad day today so I'll be posting those in the coming days. Xxx

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Rock n Roll Inspiration

I always see and hear little things when I'm out and about, that really inspire me. But this week I've just seen loads of stuff, the first is what inspired this card which I'm hoping to turn into a full on project of a set of cards and maybe some cupcakes. Gary my hubby was driving home from work when he saw a wedding, the bride had Pink hair and was wearing a black wedding dress and black top hat. I wish he could have stopped to take a picture as i would of loved to see it. This is really my kind of thing, I would LOVE to have pink hair, but idiotic work restrictions forbid me from doing so. Apparently if you have any hair colour other than the ordinary your not able to do your job as well and your rude to everyone!! Any how I really wanted to make a set of cards that would appeal to people who have this kind of wedding/lifestyle. So here's the first one, I used a digi stamp from pink petticoat, and water coloured the image. I think the watercolour on the dress looks great as it gives the impression of fabric rather than just being flat. I mounted on pink velum and added a few pink diamonds. I really don't think this card needs anymore, sticking to my less is more approach. I'm already thinking of black cup cakes with pink butterflies..... Xxx

Friday, 13 August 2010

Left Overs

Just a quickie to show you the cupcakes I made using the left over royal icing from Shauni's cake. See there are some advantages to being so stressed. Yum Xxx

Monday, 9 August 2010

Vintage Knickers

As Promised here's Shaunis card. As she originally asked for a lingerie cake, I knew these Flirties from Pink Petticoat would be perfect. I wanted to give the idea of an old fashioned dressing screen and wanted the whole thing to have a vintage feel about it. To be honest I don't really think I achieved that and think it would have looked better with the papers mounted on black card. So when I've got a mo I might have a bash at making another for my stash. Saying that I really love the colours in the papers, which are actually valentine papers!! Anyway on to the next...Mmmm what shall it be? Card? Cake? wait and see! Xxx

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Shaunis 18th Birthday Cake

Well after much stressing and sitting on the kitchen floor, her is the cake I did for my cousin Shauni's 18Th birthday. She had originally asked for a lingerie cake but after doing a bit of research I couldn't find one I really liked or inspired me. They were all boobs and basques which wasn't what I wanted, as I was looking for something Classy and sophisticated. So after some discussion and lots of pics we opted for this kind of theme. I was so stressed over this cake, there was no way I was gonna mess it up, too important!!!! But what a long time it took to get here, first I iced the board then took it off as I didn't like the colour, next I started to make the bow then wasn't happy so left it alone for a while, then I iced the top layer but thought it not smooth enough so that came off too, then I decided I hadn't got enough sugar paste for the bow so had to make an emergency run to hobby craft for more!....after all that I'm pretty happy with the final result. :) And I'm told there wasn't a scrap left after the party, so I'm glad it went down well and that Shauni had a great time. Happy 18Th!! Xxx

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Flowers and butterflies

Well here it is...this is the cake I made for my Nans 75Th birthday. We had a surprise BBQ for her and she didn't suspect a thing !! My little boy Jack came up with the theme, which I thought was a great idea as Nans always in the garden and loves her flowers. I started off hating this cake as I couldn't get the icing right, but when the flowers and butterflies went on, I just loved it!!! I actually couldn't believe that I had made it. Everyone at the party loved it including nan, and all said it was too pretty to cut! And as they say one thing leads to another, as my cousin Shauni will be 18 in August and has asked me to make the cake!!! Better get my thinking cap on! Xxx

Saturday, 19 June 2010

A Pretty Pair

Here's a couple of simple little cards I made. The pink one I gave to Jackie for her 50Th birthday. I've wanted to make a monochrome card for a while, but always plump for pink at the last minute. The images are Lola Rose ( from pink petticoat, and the papers are some left over in my stash..see I'm still working on using it all up ;) As usual click on the image to see it bigger. Now on to the next....Nans 75Th birthday cake Xxx

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Happy Birthday Jackie

Just a little one to show off the cupcakes I made for my friend Jackie's 50Th Birthday. She loved them so much she's frozen one to keep forever :) Shes better than me I could never keep a cake forever it would play on my mind until I ate The card I made for her is soon to follow...and the cakes tasted Yummy!!! Xxx

Friday, 21 May 2010

Bath Time sparkle

I haven't made a card in ages, so I thought I'd get everything out and have a go to see if I was still any good. When I went through my stash I was stunned at the amount of unused stuff I'd got, so I'm trying to make a point to use some of it up. Any how here's what I came up with. the image is Lovely Lola rose by Pink Petticoat. I love Lola and Pink Petticoat, all there stuff is really pretty and modern. As for the paper and the vellum they were just lying around in the stash as was the flower. I tried not to put too much on this card as sometimes I think less is more.Although I do love the sparkly bubbles !!! As always I hope you like and thanks for looking Xxx P.S Am I still any good lol.....

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter Treats

Well first things first.......I finally passed my NVQ.... Woop. I am soooo pleased that I don't have to look at that course work ever again.

Anyway Easter is here and my mom had her annual egg hunt, so I thought I'd share this little pic of the cupcakes I made for the occasion. I have to say they were Yummy!!!

So now the work is out the way I'm hoping to get back to some crafting, if I can find time what with a job , a 3 year old, a house and an allotment to look this space ;)

Friday, 15 January 2010

Sky dive

Hey I know it's a long time since i posted, but I have had to put the crafting on hold for a short time while I concentrate on my NVQ, which ends in march...hooray!!!
However I just thought I would let you all know that on 17th january 2010 I will be doing a Sky dive in aid of the Make a Wish foundation. So please click on my link and donate some money. Even a small amount can go far, and i'm jumping out of a plane...that has to be worth something, lol Xxx