Tuesday, 28 September 2010

How Does your garden grow ? .................

Well Lucy's grows like this! This cake was for my friends daughter, who I'm told is a real girly girl and loves pink and thats all I had to go on. So this is what I came up with and I have to say I Sooo enjoyed making this cake, I just love it. I love the springy flowers and pink ladybirds and the way the green looks with the pinks. and the best thing?...... no stressin, no not once did I stress. Bring on more cakes like this, I like em. ;)

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Birthday Treats

I know, its a bit sad to make your own birthday cakes. But I couldn't resist! I was going to go the whole hog and make a proper birthday cake but Gary said that really was sad, so I settled for some fancy cupcakes instead. I feel much better about these than the last disasters, the butterflies stayed put and I actually managed to make some half decent roses which didn't look old fashioned or like big blobs. Then sods law my mom bought me a birthday cake and Jack got me a Hello Kitty cake, bless him. So now I've got cake coming out of my ears, It will be such hard work to eat it all ;) Xxx

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Rubbish Cupcakes!!!

Ok so I decided to blog them after all, and we all make mistakes!! These cupcakes are quite frankly rubbish. What went wrong?? Well firstly the icing was meant to be black but it just wasn't happening, then after spending loads of time hand painting the butterflies they wouldn't stay in shape and are still soft even now, must be because I mixed the sugar paste with fondant. Any way we learn from our mistakes and as I'm determined to do these cakes ( I've been dreaming about them for ages) next time I'll use fondant to cover the cakes, and colour the sugar paste by hand, a longer process but better results me thinks, and even though they look a bit crap they did taste good and jack loved them...bless him he's biased Xxx

Friday, 10 September 2010

This weeks secret crafter challenge is right up my street..Plain and simple is the theme, I love the less is more approach and hate to overcrowd my cards with things that may draw attention away from the focus piece. I've been camping for a few days with my husband Gary and our little boy Jack, and only got home last night, so wasn't planning on doing any crafting but they both went out shopping for my birthday leaving me with a few hours to myself..what luxury!!! So I whipped up this little card, using a stamp from rubber romance and some left over papers from my stash. I inked the edge of the card to give it a vintage feel and water coloured the image giving her some funky bright red hair for a little bit of rock n roll!! I did also have time to make some cupcakes this morning, however they didn't turn out as I wanted and are a bit rubbish so I'm still debating whether to blog them...we'll see Xxx