Thursday, 7 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee...a 50's celebration

Well I can honestly say I have thoroughly enjoyed this weekend, and am very proud to be British!! Although I don't envy any of the Royal family having to stand on that boat in the pouring rain on Sunday and as for those poor singers....
I can only begin to imagine what the atmosphere must have been like in London, I'm sure it was fantastic whatever the weather. We Brits are used to it, but I'm happy to say it did stay dry for my Moms garden party on Monday.

These are the invitations. Can you spot the deliberate mistake? Yep no time or date Oops! Mom decided to give the party a 50's feel, which is right up my street as I'm slightly very obsessed with that whole era. So I was off to find a dress, it's such a hard life, lol, but more of that later. Mom was also born in the 50's a few years after the coronation and my Uncle was actually born the same year as the coronation! So it seemed a fitting theme.

Clockwise from top - Jacks Jubilee hat, thrown together at the last minute for his school celebrations. To be honest I had no intention of making this and was going to send him in his crown from book day, but then guilt took over and I didn't want him to think I couldn't be bothered. The other side had Big Ben, a London bus and a taxi.
Cupcakes, traditional vanilla topped with vanilla butter cream, and either a Union Jack, London bus, Telephone box or a handmade cupcake topper.
my mantelpiece, a commemorative cup and saucer, a London bus, which is actually a fridge magnet, and the lady herself the Queen looking very glam in a glittered union jack frame, which cost a pound from the pound shop!

Left to right - my ribbon corsage made last minute on Sunday Night
my cupcakes again with handmade union Jack topper
My Moms brooch again made last minute on Sunday, I definitely work better and find I'm more creative under pressure, lol.

left - the front of Jacks jubilee hat, a re-styled Easter bonnet again from the pound shop, I love a bargain, or am I just tight?
Right - handmade cupcake toppers

Clockwise from top - Moms garden decorated with paper bunting looking pristine ready for 7 children to come along and trash it. ha
Jack playing pin the crown on the Queen, a twist on the traditional game of pin the tail on the donkey. Me, Yes I DO have legs! A rare pic of me and even rarer that I'm wearing a dress. My red, white and blue 50's outfit.

left to right - Handmade sour cream boxes (no idea why they call them that) filled with traditional sweet shop sweets such as love hearts, drum sticks, and black jacks.
'let them eat cake' topper
my pin the crown on the Queen game, I'm sure her Maj would approve.

left to right - Queenie hiding in the bushes
Jack and Grace under the table, its way more fun under there
Jack, Grace and Isabella proving that there's nothing more entertaining than a

Clockwise from top - my bunting, made from the fat quarters I picked up at the craft show I was a bit miffed to find that there was one fabric missing! Thanks though to the excellent customer service at the cotton patch who when I called them on weds sent the missing one straight away and I got it first thing this morning, Now I just have to decide whether to unpick the bunting and add it in, make some more, or make something else entirely!
my red white and blue rose wreath, my glue gun worked so hard making this and Jacks hat that it broke :(  I'm so sad!
my union Jack 'E' for England or Elizabeth you choose. this was the most time consuming thing of all. The shop had no E's left and rather than send for one and pay the postage I thought I'd just make one. So this is made from a cereal box. When I came to paint it I had a bit of a problem with the paint so in the end I decoupaged it, See time consuming, although I am happy with the end product.

Congratulations to the Queen, whether people agree with the monarchy or not 60 years on the throne is pretty good going. To think that at the age of 25 to have to come to terms with not only unexpectedly losing your father but the daunting task of becoming the Queen can be by no means easy. She could have given it all up to Charles long ago.

Someone asked me If I had any plans for the Jubilee weekend, when I told her she said 'well you enjoy it after all we wont see another' . She may well be right but who knows something tells me I may well be getting this lot out in another 10 years for the platinum, and if not, well there's always the coronation!
Long live the Queen!

cupcake toppers courtesy of pink petticoat

Friday, 1 June 2012

Meet Marina Anchors........

Isn't she cute!!!
This is another of my little obsessions, Lalaloopsy dolls. This is a mini Lalaloopsy which just makes her even cuter!! Her name is Marina Anchors and I'm sure were going to have lots of fun and adventures together.