Monday, 5 November 2012

Welcome to Monsterville...

So our annual Halloween party was a bit of a wash out this year due to me coming down with Tonsillitis two days before. I had to stay in bed the whole week, and at one point couldn't actually speak! I did think about cancelling, but I didn't want to disappoint the children. So I forced myself out of bed and put on my happy face. Because of this a lot of the things I had planned to do had to be put on hold so this post is a mix n match of this year and last year.

First up invitations to Monsterville
 My handmade skull chocolates, which I totally forgot to put on the table for everyone! Jacks Frankenstein decoration, and the party bags. For the second year running I forgot to take proper pics of them so this is the only one I've got, and these parties have definitely taught me that kids really don't care what the bags look like, its the toys and sweets inside that count!
Jacks hand print spider picture, we saw these on good old pinterest so had to have a go ourselves. I love it and will keep it forever. My BOO wreath made with scraps of net.
I can't take credit for the sugar skull cookies as they were made by a friend, I can however take credit for eating some of them and they were lovely! My Ghosty cupcakes from 2011 which were a bit of a hit on pinterest, and you'll have to ask the guests about the witches brew.
The picture wall was supposed to have more pictures this year of last years guests but I ran out of time due to being poorly.
Jacks footprint ghost picture, this is even cuter than the spider, Love it. And my bargains that I got in the sales after Halloween last year. I love the glitter haunted house, but have to wonder how long the glitter will stay on.
Last years cookies, which were also a pinterest hit, and party bag tags which I downloaded from somewhere but can't remember where.
BOO ghost welcoming our visitors, and the little Witch waiting for some little monsters to play a game of pin the nose on the witch. Which was great fun!
Sorry if there's not as much homemade stuff as you were expecting, but I was truly ill. Anything I didn't manage to do this year will be done for next years party, and more. I already have the theme now all I need to do is not get ill.