Saturday, 30 March 2013

In my Kitchen....Easy Peasy Easter Bark

Well I just read on Facebook that all the shops have sold out of Easter eggs!!!!!! So it seems that this post has come right on time.
Easy peasy Easter bark, honestly this is so easy and idiot could do it and its super quick too. I made some for my little mans teacher who retired this week and it seriously took less than five minutes.

you will need

 6oz chocolate (I used white but whatever you choose)
12oz mini marshmallows or big ones chopped up
greaseproof paper
baking tin

How to.....
Melt the chocolate in the microwave or on a double boiler. If using white chocolate, be careful it burns easily I suggest 30 second blasts.
When completely melted pour in the marshmallows and mix to cover them. Do this quickly as the marshmallow will begin to melt.
Pour into your lined baking tin and spread out to the corners
Decorate with you chosen sprinkles
Transfer the tin to the freezer for 20 mins (to stop the marshmallows melting)
Remove from the freezer and cut into squares, or shapes using a cookie cutter.
Pop into a bag or jar and voila and easy peasy Easter gift.
Oh and its really yummy too!
Happy Easter
Vicky Xxx

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Craft Show haul

Thank God I chose to go to the craft show at the NEC on Thursday before we had all this snow!!! Now I love a good dollop of snow, but not in March! I mean honestly we should be packing away our thermals not pulling them on again.
But luckily the weather wasn't too bad on Thursday so I made it to the show, and thought I would share with  you some of the bits I got.

Halloween theme Fat Quarters.
I bought a lot of Fat quarters as the sewing bit there is great, with loads of different fabrics you don't really see anywhere else. I've also come to the conclusion that I could spend a fortune on fabric. Seriously I had to drag myself away from the pirate themed ones, and I still went and found them on eBay when I got home.
 As some people might know were big on Halloween in our house so I plan to make bunting with this (yes I'm big on bunting too). I'm thinking I might go for a different shape with this instead of traditional triangles but we'll see.
More fat quarters...
No idea what I'm going to make with these, but they all went together so well. I love the stripy one it reminds me of a stick of rock!
Easter fat quarters.
I think these are Easter themed and at least that what I thought of when I saw them but everyone I've shown them to thinks they look more baby themed. Either way I'll be using it in an Easter related way.
Alphabet stamp and clock stencil thingy
Its not often I buy stamps, I normally use digital, but I was looking for something to use in a project I'm working on at the moment. I got this one one as I love typewriter font and will probably use it in a lot of tings, the clock thingy is a thingy because I just can't remember the companies name but I'm hoping to use it the same project.
and last but not least
bits and pieces from the crafts a pound shop.
This is the best shop, loads of stuff all for a pound. You can pick up loads of bits for your stash, the only draw is that its the busiest shop at the show. Honestly they need to operate a one way system! its just a massive free for all, how they keep a track on who's paid and who hasn't, and don't even get me started on women with trolleys. Those things should be
So I'm off to moan about the snow a bit more, and put my Easter decorations up.
Vicky Xxx


Sunday, 17 March 2013

sew sunday...

Just a quickie today to show you these fun little hair clips. I'm busy busy busy at the moment trying to sort out stuff for the little fellas birthday and Easter.

OK so there isn't an awful lot of sewing to these, but they're easy peasy to make and would look so cute in a Little girls hair. And there really cheap too, I bought a pack of 30 hair clips for £1, the felt I already had but that's not too expensive either.

I really like the bright pink one, Its such a pretty flower. it looks complicated to make but its really easy when you know how. maybe if I get around to it I will do a quick tutorial.

 So now I'm off to bake Star wars cakes in preparation for my little mans tea party and I'm off to the craft show on Thursday to spend some of my hard earned cash lol.

Thanks for stopping by
Love Vicky Xxx


Sunday, 3 March 2013

Sew Sunday : 3 Little Dickie Birds

I know its been sooo long since I last posted anything handmade sorry, but I am trying to get my bum in gear and provide some regular posts. I'm just trying to decide what to include and and when, so I thought I would start with this post and see how I go.

 These little guys started out life as Easter chicks, but the more I look at them the more I think they should be lovebirds. I mean look at them, they look so cute and loved up. I think maybe I will have to get them out for valentines day next time instead of Easter.

I made the pink and then the blue and then jack insisted I make a green one, so now we have a family of love birds! Jacks the green one in case you were wondering, as its his favourite colour, I'm the pink and Gaz is blue.

They all have cute little tails at the back, but my rubbish photography doesn't show them very well at all. there really easy to make and can be hand sewn, which is great as sometimes its such a chore to get the sewing machine out, especially if your like me and don't have space to leave it out all the time.
so now I guess I need to rethink my Easter chicks, better get my thinking cap on.

I've also been thinking for a long time now about doing a few tutorials on here. If you would be interested, or would like to see a tutorial for these or anything else you have seen in my blog leave me a comment at the bottom.

Thanks for stopping by
Vicky Xxx


Friday, 1 March 2013

Pinspiration - march

It's no secret to anyone who knows me that I find it really difficult to stick to just one craft, and there are so many things which inspire me. I find inspiration everywhere, shops books etc but I mostly find it on pinterest.
Thank the lord for pinterest! I will not deny I am utterly addicted to this site and could spend hours just scrolling down the page looking for more pins. So I thought I would share some of this Pinspiration with you.......

easter wreath by tatertots and jello

Easter.....chicks, eggs, bunnies, chocolate, hot cross buns. whats not to love???
This wreath is so pretty, I've already made a few things for Easter and I'm working on the rest.
 I have  given up bread for lent this year, normally i try to give up chocolate and last about 3 days, and I can't wait to have a hot cross bun. Baked by my husband of course!

Vintage gorgeous is this. I would love to have a tatty old vintage caravan to restore. In fact I found one for sale on ebay the other day only 20 miles from my home, and the at the time the bidding was at £103, and in very good condition. Bargain! If I could have fit it on the drive or at the bottom of the garden I would have seriously considered bidding!
I have got a couple of projects which are caravan inspired on the go at the to follow.

mixed media art...........I love how these look and really want to have a go. I like the idea of using lots of different bits and pieces that wouldn't normally go together to make one piece of art. I feel canvas and some glue winging its way to me soon.

If you want to see any of these pins or follow me on pinterest just click here

Have a good day Xxx