Thursday, 25 April 2013

Thursday crafternoon......beside the seaside

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside.......

At last were finally starting to see some sunny weather which makes me dream of summer holidays. Which has inspired me to begin creating my 'Beside the seaside' range, but I'm not talking about exotic holidays in the Maldives (although that would be nice) no I'm talking good old fashioned kiss me quick bucket and spade British seaside holidays. Blackpool, Brighton, Skegness, Margate, every Brit has been on them.

 Me and my six year old business adviser sat down and made a long list of all the things that remind us of the seaside. Beach huts and boats were definately on the list along with ice creams, shells, and sticks of rock, and so I made these fridge magnets.
Normally when I make stuff I'm a bit like 'yeah it's nice' but I've got to say I'm a little bit excited about these as they turned out loads better than I imagined. I even put a little sneaky peek on my Facebook page.
The beach hut one is definately my favourite, but I love the decoupage sea on the boat. Every year we go to New Quay in wales for our own seaside holiday with my mom and step dad, last year on the way there Jack declared 'New Quay, where the sea tastes like lemonade'. What a cute thing to say!
Maybe next time I will make a glittery lemonade sea. It would certainly taste a lot nicer than all that salt. lol
OK off to dream about more holidays.
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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sew Sunday ... scotty dog

This little scotty dog was actually a gift for my mom last christmas. I know its a bit lazy but the new stuff i'm working on is still a work in progress, but it will be ready soon. So back when it was very cold and wintery I made this. Yes I know its still fairly cold and wintery now but rest assured the new things im working on will remind you of warm sunny days!!
We did have a name for him or her but I honestly cant remember what it is, so any suggestions let me know.

I think I might have wanted to call him 'button' due to his button eyes, or maybe petal. But honestly who knows, it was christmas and ive slept since then. Anyway I guess its up to my mom to name it really seeing as he lives with her now.

I also wanted to show you this fab new magazine I found 'Ruby loves'.

I know anyone who has little girls will love this. Its packed full of stuff to make and only costs a fiver. The best of it is everything you need to make the projects inside is in the bag, apart from the eggs and flour for the cookie pops because that would be stupid lol, but theres no need to buy anything. In this the first issue you can make a bag, cards, a ring, a keyring and loeds more. I cant think of better way to get young girls interested in craft, and yes I know its aimed at young girls but I couldnt help but buy it anyway. So if you've got little girls who love to craft I suggest you check it out.
Love Vicky

Thursday, 4 April 2013

thursday crafternoon...vintage caravans

Well thank God most of the snow has gone, although there's still some bits that are refusing to go and its still bloody freezing.

So lets think about sunnier days, picnics, the seaside and vintage caravans. I love vintage caravans and would love to have either a tiny little British one to renovate or a huge American airstream. But for now I'll just have to make do with these.

Mixed media vintage caravan
Mixed media art is great, its like collage for grown ups, I used some old scrapbook paper, paints, pens and an old book I have no intention of reading again. which is a good job as its got pages missing
If I had a caravan I'd call it Dolly. I could even cope with one at the bottom of the garden. I could do all my crafting and blogging in there, not to mention hide away from the boys when I've had enough ;)
Jack asked me to do one with a british theme in red white and blue, he's fast becoming my most important advisor and harshest critic. You can always rely on a child to tell you exactly what they think. Bless him.
I'm hoping to open an etsy shop in the next few months and doing a whole seaside range, hopefully some variations of these will be available along with some other stuff.
In the meantime I'll just have to dream of one day owning a 'Dolly' of my own!
Love Vicky