Friday, 30 August 2013

Well August is almost over, but what a lot it brought with it. Special birthdays, Weddings, seaside holidays and, oh yeah Bunny ears!

The decorating, or project house as I like to call it has been put on hold and I've been crafting at a slower pace than normal in order to spend more time with my son over the holidays.

So without further ado....

left - my cousin Shaunis 21st birthday cake. Those of you that follow me on facebook will probably have already seen this, and making those roses has taught me that I definitely need to wear my glasses more!!
Right - 21st birthday card. I don't really go in for card making anymore, unless it's a special occasion. I still got a whole cupboard full of stuff though lol.

Left - Wedding card for my babe Stacey who got hitched. It was a lovely day and they all looked beautiful.
Right and below - THE best bunny ears ever. FACT. I love everything by crown and glory and it's no secret I've been cyber stalking Kat at Rock 'n Roll bride for the past couple of years. So when they announced a collaboration between the two I nearly wet my pants. I couldn't order the Liberace bunny ears quicker! Sophie who makes them is massively talented, check her out and she also wrote a great post on how to wear them.


So I'll be back in September and I've got some cracking ideas to share with you, and it's this bunnies birthday, so I'm going to try something a bit different. Xxx


Thursday, 1 August 2013

Thursday Crafternoon....shrinky madness

Hi so I know I've been missing in action for a while now since I got back from my hols. It always takes me a little while to come back down to earth after a holiday and especially when Ive been to Lindos. We had a great time and its still every bit as beautiful as it was when we were married.

That said I have not sat and done nothing since I've been back. Oh no I've been busy busy busy. Jacks bedroom was in serious need of a face lift, he still had a border and curtains that he had when he was born!!! Its still not quite finished and when it is I  intend to move on to my bedroom and carry on until the whole house is just the way I want it. I'm calling it project house. If any ones interested in seeing the before and after let me know and I might blog about it.

But in the tiny amount of time I have had I've managed to make a few things. I'm still having a love affair with shrink plastic (hence the title) but its definitely been a period of experimentation, which is another reason for the lack of posts. Any way I'll stop waffling and show you the pics........

This little lady is Rubie. I love her so much shes so cute, and in my mind I can see her in lots of different vintage outfits. This Rubie is a brooch but she can come as a necklace or key ring too.
I wanted to do some key rings in the style of those old vintage tin signs, these are what I came up with.

I cant decide which is my fave the beach huts or the ice cream.
All the nice girls love a sailor...These two honeys are both called kitty. Again I see them in lots of different retro outfits and I'm dying to do one with pink hair. They have come out a lot smaller than I expected so I might have to do a bit of a rethink. I thought maybe I could put them on a heart background or something. It would also make them more sturdy as I managed to drop another one and her leg fell I did say it was experimental!!
I am totally in love with this one. I wanted to do something with a rockabilly/tattoo feel. then I saw a tattoo sketch by one of my favourite tattoo artists Leah Moule , and the cogs began to turn. I changed the traditional rockabilly swallow into a seagull, and I can see it with a lighthouse or helter skelter instead of the ice cream too.
So there you have it, I hope it's been worth the wait. I'll try not to leave it so long next time, and I might have a new collection coming up too. Stay posted and don't forget you can follow me on facebook, twitter, pinterest, and Instagram.