Friday, 13 September 2013

The homemade year......I'ts my party

Yup it's my birthday...
and you know when you think of something and think that's a great idea then when you start to do it, it turns out it's not that great after all?? Well I definitely did that this week.
I always make cakes for my birthday so this year I thought I'll make a gingerbread house seeing as I never find the time at Christmas. BIG mistake, take it from me if you ever decide to make one put aside a lot of time and definitely practice first. I made 2 lots of gingerbread and both ended up in the bin. So what did I do to rectify the situation?
Made cupcakes of course.
Play to your strengths that's what I
So hear they are. Yeah I know they don't LOOK that special but they ARE. These are margarita cupcakes with tequila icing!! oh yes!
Mmm margarita and cake two of my favourite things mixed together.
and these are for those too young to enjoy a good margarita. White chocolate chip with vanilla icing, and those things that I always call jazzies, but have no idea if that's the real name!
and no birthday is complete without a badge, here's mine. Made by me for me. Am I gonna wear it all day??
Hell yeah!
So you might ask why I've called this post the homemade year. well I was thinking about all the things we celebrate throughout the year, and it gave me an idea for a new feature/content/section, whatever you call it and what better way to kick it off than with my birthday. So I'll take us through the year and show you all the stuff that doesn't really fit into any other category.
So I'm off to open presents and eat cake but before I do I found this birthday questionnaire on good old pinterest and I thought it would be fun to answer it so here goes....
1. How old are you.
Mmm, mentally or physically? Mentally anywhere between 15 and 21, physically, old enough to know better!
2. who is your favourite person in the world?
Has to be my little man no question.
3. what is your favourite colour.
Predictably, pink.
4. what is your favourite TV programme?
Not really got one and it changes all the time. at the moment I'm loving The returned, and me and my little man love regular show. Mordecai and rigby are the coolest.
5.Favourite sport?
None, I avoid doing any sport at all costs!
6. what song do you love?
Oh there are way too many. I listen to loads of different music but I particularly love Drive by Incubus, pretty much anything by the wonder stuff, or frank Sinatra
7. Who is your best friend?
my husband, nobody makes me laugh the way he does.
8. what do you want to be when you grow up??
So many answers to this, what's a grown up?, I don't intend to do that anytime soon, see question 1.
9.Favourite book?
To kill a mockingbird by Harper lee. Read it too many times to mention.
10. Favourite ice cream flavour.
Banana but only the one sold in Rhodes old town, Greece.
11. what really annoys you?
Narrow mindedness, really grates!!
12.what do you hope to do before your next birthday?
Mmm lets think, win the lottery and jack my job in lol

So I'll be back soon hopefully with something exciting to share X