Sunday, 9 February 2014

Adventures in Shrink long last

So the exciting news is at long last I finally have a Etsy shop!!!!!!

Yes I know its taken such a long time but I'm proud to say I've finally managed it.
So lets talk about what's in it. Well those who know me will probably already know that I am obsessed, just take a look at my Pinterest board, with the 1950s and rockabilly in particular. The whole thing, the clothes they wore, the cars, the clothes, the tattoos, the clothes and the hair! Don't even get me started with Bettie bangs!

So I decided that it would be nice to start with a small collection inspired by that, I'm calling it 'Rockabilly Radness'.
I was also aware that valentines Day is just around the corner and no valentines would be complete without some hearts and no rockabilly valentine would be complete without a traditional heart and scroll.

Another classic rockabilly staple is a swallow. This one is done in pastel pink and blue flying across a fluffy cloud. There are lots of meanings behind swallow tattoos but my favourite is that sailors used to get swallow tattoos as they believed that if they drowned the swallow would come down and lift his soul to the heavens. I also thinks its beautiful that swallows choose only one mate for life!

I don't know why but I always associate cherries with rockabilly, and I'm a sucker for anything in cherry print. So I knew I had to have some cherries in this. On their own they looked kinda weird so I put them on a striped star and now I'm really happy with how they look. In fact I wore this necklace out and received so many compliments!

Aaah my Birthday Girl brooch, when I first designed this back in September I did it with a tattoo/rockabilly style in mind. I wore it all day on my birthday and loved it. I have put this in the shop with an option to have it customised, so you can change the colours or have a name or something else written on it.

And last but not least glitter hearts. Now I know that this doesn't really fit into the rockabilly category but it does fit into the GLITTER category and who doesn't love a bit of that? and like I said I knew that valentines day was fast approaching.

So to celebrate the opening of my shop, the month of romance, and all things glittery I'm giving away one of these heart necklaces to one of you lucky people!!
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The winner will be drawn at random on Saturday 15th February

P.S I just want to say a massive thank you to my husband for his ace photography XX